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WIP Art trade

It's a preview of my art trade with one of my friends (www.evanira.deviantart.com ) . It's no where near finished but *shrugs* oh well.

Hope you like!

Happy late New years and such

 Hey all! (by all I mean possibly one of you). Anywho happy late new year! So tomorrow I go back to my college and Monday classes start :o Anyway that's all I got except a WIP of a late, late Christmas present for one of my friends!

  ignore the splotches of color that are barely erased ( my tablet was packed away) The color splotches are the colors I was using and it's easier to find them when they're on the picture and then you just erase the later lol. Look there's shading!!!
Welllllll....there ya go!!!

I'm back! and I have a solution!

 Hey all! 
Well I had been wondering which site (blogger or livejournal) to use and I discovered that I can simply post the same entries on each site! hah hah hah HAH! 
Anyway, now I can communicate with my friend woochann!

Well...that's all I have for now other then this statement...ahem...TEXTBOOKS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!! 

Sketchie sketch

yep....it be my OC Iiden AKA the kid Raver
He's one of the youngest and most powerful Ravers that ever lived. If you're wondering "what the heck's a raver? I thought it was a club going dancer" then you'd be wrong and you should check out my site: http://inspectorgloom.wordpress.com/races-and-organizations/ there you can learn just what a Raver is....

Space Robots....

Hey everyone...well doubtless more people will begin to read this since beginning August 14th, I will be off in the land of Asheville, partaking of the madness that is college. So anywho this is where you guys can keep up on my life and at http://jadealthea.blogspot.com/ you can follow up on my writing and my art endevours...
As always my photos and finished pieces will be on www.blademaster16.deviantart.com so feel free to check them all out.

love you guys,


Heh, I love that movie (emperor's new groove for those who don't know)
anyway I did some sketches!! yay!!!
these are hot off the press! I just drew them like...10 minutes ago! *collective gasp*
So this is Hack from my story Hollow Town Clock Tower

and this is Zane (from the same story)
yeah..they're really sketchy but *shrugs* eh I'm not complaining...plus they'll look better later.
Anywho there you have it! I'm turning in for the night ^.^

Dangit man, I'm a doctor not a Physicist

So anyway, the movie Star Trek was better than I thought it would be, despite a certain *cough* scene...Fortunately the scene I am referring to was brief and showed nothing so...yeah...*relief*

Anywho...I'm extremely bored but I'm planning on doing a gift art for someone, just because they're awesome and I felt like it, and I'll be posting some of my character sketches...here's a WIP of Joker I've been working on...
...excuse the crappy scanner...eh...I don't really like how it's coming out...JOKER'S HAIR IS SOOOO HARD TO DRAW....but...whatever...

May all your bacon burn...

yeah I know, two entries within an hour of each other...but whatever...this journal...It's MINE!

so figured I'd give you a sketch from a year ago...yep...one of my characters...
 anywho, it's a pretty old sketch but I figured I'd give you something! Basically he's from my series Hardly Human in the book The Fear Smith. Salem can create illusions of his opponants worst fears. Anywho there you go!



By the way, that title is a modification on a song I HATE...people in my digital media class kept on playing it so I changed it around and sang it at the top of my lungs whenever they played it...ok...maybe I sang the song loudly in my mind...no...I didn't have the guts...shutup...and it doesn't matter if you don't know the song I'm referring to...I'd rather prefer you to not know the song...

ANYWAY, today I spent a relaxing FIVE HOURS CLEANING MY ROOM!!!! XP I hate cleaning...unfortunately when I can't walk in my room anymore without bleeding or hearing a crunch, even I know it's time to do some tidying up...heh...my friends can attest to the fact that my definition of clean is entirely different from the majority of the population's. So I've been working on a few character pages and assessments for Madhatter's characters and I've also outlined an idea I had for a few scenes. I can't wait to start writing...I need to write more before my skills get rusty.

So on another note I saw Xmen orgins and LOVED it! I won't ruin if for everyone but Gambit is AWESOME...he was my favorite character in the cartoon series and he's still up there in the movies *squeezes Gambit* yay!

So that's all folks,